Tell A Friend About Quistel And We'll Give You A Free Shampoo or Ear Cleaner!

Are you fan of our Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion Spray?  Do you love our Omega-3 and Coconut Oils? Are you mad about our 'World Famous' Ear Cleaner?

Lots of you, love our products and we know that lots of you recommend us to your friends and family... and we're incredibly grateful to you all for spreading the word about Quistel.

So grateful that we would like to reward those of you that recommend us... so if you refer a friend that makes a purchase from Quistel, then you will get your choice of a FREE 50ml Shampoo or Ear Cleaner.  All you need to do, is email us the name of the friend that ordered from us, let us know if you want a Free Shampoo or Ear Cleaner and we will include it in your next order!

Send your emails to including the name of your friend and your choice of a 50ml Shampoo or Ear Cleaner and then we will include it in your next order.

Its Quistel's way of saying a big thank you to all our wonderful customers!


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